【Shoritsu Electric Industry】 SENPUJIN

Discard the use of hard-to-clean wiping sponges and other consumables, while cleaning the iron head, it also maintains a clean work site.



Features of product

  • The industry’s first non-contact electric cautery head cleaning method.

  • No longer use traditional consumables such as wiping sponges.Suitable for all shapes of iron head.

  • Daily maintenance is simple.


Benefits of product introduction

  • Fundamentally changed the way of cleaning, greatly reducing the use cost of consumables.Keep the work site clean.


Soldering iron head cleaner [SENPUJIN] is recommended for the following enterprises

  • Substrate Surface Mounting Part Processing Enterprise.
  • Enterprises with Own Substrate Product Mounting such as Household Appliances Brand and Machinery Equipment Brand.
  • Enterprises that use electric cautery heads.
  • Enterprises that use traditional methods to clean their iron heads.


One-stop solution for cleaning and deterioration and aging of electric cautery head