【mek】G Series

G series which mounted 4M pixel camera as standard

Minor model change from F series, released G series which mounted 4M pixel camera as standard. Expand the field of view, and secure a wide field of view of 1920 x 1920 pixel. Compare with F series, wider view can take larger area in one shot. The number of shot is decreased which enables the improvement of tact time for 38% (result by marantz electronics,ltd  experiments).。


Wide view field and improving of inspection time

4M pixel camera with 1920 x1920 pix. wide field of view enables double higher frame rate than previous F series model. Even if the data quantity increases, inspection time improves by keeping high frame rate.


Angular Cameras

【Beyond 2D】
8 angular camera views

  • Highly accurate inspection of small chips, lifted lead, solder of QFJ pakage component using the picture from angular cameras.
  • Inspection by the optical picture from 8 angular cameras in each 45 degree, won’t affect nearby tall component.
  • Show defective components in angular camera views, no need of microscope.


Z axis function

No influence by height differenceZ axis which lifts up and down the camera

  • Best focus for reading the text of high components by lifting up and down the camera.
  • Possible to inspect sub PCB mounted on main PCB simultaneusly.
  • Support the variation of PCB thickness.



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