The Dual-Arm SCARA Robot “duAro”:
A new offering that realizes the concept of an innovative dual-arm SCARA robot which can safely collaborate with humans in work operations.
The duAro2 has the deeper vertical stroke of 550 mm compared to the duAro1’s 150 mm, enabling wider range of applications such as packing boxes with a large height.


Type Horizontal articulated type
Degree of freedom (axes) 4 × 2 arms
Max. payload (kg) 3 × 2 arms
Positional repeatability (mm) ±0.05
Motion range (°) Lower arm Upper arm
Arm rotation (°) -170 – +170 (JT1) -140 – +500 (JT1)
Arm rotation (°) -130 – +140 (JT2) -140 – +130 (JT2)
Arm up-down (mm) 0 – +550 (JT3) 0 – +550 (JT3)
Wrist swivel (°) -360 – +360 (JT4) -360 – +360 (JT4)
Controller (F61) Number of controlled axes Max. 12 (standard 8, optional 4)
Drive system Full digital servo system
Type of motion control Manual mode Coodinated movement of 2 arms, Individual movement of 1 arm,
[Interpolation mode] Joint, Base, Tool
Auto mode Coodinated movement of 2 arms, Individual movement of 2 arm,
[Interpolation mode] Joint, Linear interpolated motion
Programming Direct teaching method through tablet
Memory capacity (MB) 16
I/O signal General input
(No.of input)
16 (max.80)
General output
(No.of output)
16 (max.80)
Power requirements AC200-230V±10%, 50/60Hz±2%, Single phase, Max. 2.0kVA*1
Class-D (3rd class) earth connection (earth connection dedicated to robots),
Leakage current: max 10mA
Mass (kg) 210 (integrated type), 100 (arm unit of separated type)
Installation Floor
Temperature (°C) 5 – 40*2
Humidity (%) 35 – 85 (no dew, nor frost allowed)*2

*1: At the time of power activation, rush current generates in the range of several to tens of several times of the normal current. Due to such rush current, the supply voltage could drop. It is recommended to select a power supply capacity with enough room to cope with such instantaneous current change.
*2: Please consult with us for use of specifications other than specified above.