Before-sales Services

  • Technical seminars

    Technical seminars

    We hold technical seminars regularly at our head office showroom.

  • Machine demos

    Machine demos

    Latest technical assessments using exhibited facilities are carried out.

After-sales Services

  • One-stop Services

    One-stop Services

    Even if customers use the facilities of several manufacturers, they only need to contact one number, which is MASS.
    We are able to provide support for all equipment.

  • Offering the latest technologies

    Offering the latest technologies

    MASS engineers who have received special training from machine manufacturers provide support for maintaining and improving quality through regular visits and maintenance services.

  • Support continues until stable production

    Support continues until stable production

    MASS provides support that ranges from installing machines to realizing stable production and productivity improvements after starting up the machines.
    We propose solutions and improvements from technical perspectives.

  • Regular visits
  • Installation Adjustment
  • Relocation
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Production launch
  • Production improvement
  • Quality improvement