User-friendliness and feature-packed  Compact desktop router


・With Open-plan Door, it makes loading and unloading PCB more

・Create and edit cutting data based on DXF data. Start up the Teaching application PCB-EDIT2 on the PC and then just click somewhere you want to cut on the screen.

・Quite Simple Operation (Teaching, etc)/Management because of Software based on Windows.

・The Same as NJ Series with 3 Axes Control by the Introduction of High Speed Driving System, It Saved Tact Time.

・Extended router bit’s life by the function of Z axis height multistage-auto-changeover. It reduced running cost.(control with total cutting distance or total cutting sheet)

・PCB Cutting Jig is can compatible with Upward Class NJ series machines.

・Automatic select cutting program with JIG BIT system from 31 programs(option).





PCB Size(Max.) 250×350mm
PCB Thickness 0.4-2.0mm
PCB Material(Resin) FR4, CEM1, CEM3 etc.
Router bit diameter φ0.8, φ1.0, φ1.2, φ1.5, φ2.0, φ3.0
Cutting Speed(Max.) 50mm/sec
Moving Speed(Max.) 500mm/sec
Repeat Accuracy ±0.02mm
Z Axis Stroke(Max.) 35mm
Spindle Spec. 25,000-50,000rpm
X,Y,Z Axes Control Pulse Motor(Servo Control)
Power Power Voltage φ1 AC100V ±5% 50/60Hz
Consumption Approx.1.2KVA
Pneumatic Pressure Nonuse
Consumption Nonuse
Weight for Main Unit Appprox.70kg
Outer Dimension(mm) W 664 × D 715 × H 602 mm