【ETC】Vacuum Reflow Equipment



・Significantly decreased the void

With combine the solder, the void space can be saved maximum less than 1%.Improved the electrical characteristics and the connection reliability of the product.

・In-line type for mass production

Min. 30 sec tact speed time for mass productions.

・Convection heating system

One time soldering and vacuum reflow on the double face PCB, the void can be decreased.The metal PCB with the heat sink of aluminum can be solder.The temperature variations less than the hot plate heating system, the reflow time can be shorten.

・Ultra low power consumption to promote saving energy.

・ Large-capacity flux collection unit to increase operation hours

The cleaning flux frequency several times a year.162 model is excellent collection performance.


・ This equipment can use for N2 Reflow Equipment.



Model No. RNV152M / RSV152M / RNV162M
-512-WD -512-LE -612-WD -612-LE
Heating Zone 5 6
Vacuum Zone 1
Cooling Zone 2
Power AC200V 3Φ
Start up Power Max. 36kW (39.5kW) Max. 43kW (46.8kW)
Normal Power Approx. 8kW (Approx. 12.5kW) Approx. 10kW (Approx. 14.7kW)
Heating Temperature RNV:Max 280℃ RSV:Max 350℃
Vacuum 1 ~ 12kPa
N2 Consumption Approx. 24m3/h Approx. 18 ~ 24m3/h Approx. 24m3/h Approx. 18 ~ 24m3/h
Dimension Length 5,406mm
Width 1,350mm (1,510mm)
Height 1,500mm
PCB Width 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 250mm
Length 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 330mm 100 ~ 250mm 100 ~ 330mm
Component Height Upper:30mm  Lower:30mm (from chain top)
Flux Collection Standard Equipment:Large-capacity flux collection unit by air-cooled.
(Large-capacity flux collection unit by water-cooled.)

※( )is for RNV162M model