Personal Information Protection Policy

The Mass Company Limited (hereafter called “Our Company”) recognizing the importance of safeguarding personal information during its collection, usage and management, will adopt the following measures to protect personal information entrusted to it.

  • We will strictly observe legal regulations and other established limits regarding protection of personal information, and handle it correctly and properly.
  • We will acquire personal information by way of correct and appropriate methods and will not acquire it by deceitful or unlawful means.
  • We will utilize information only within the limits of the established purpose after obtaining the consent of the owner of the personal information.
  • We will not provide personal information to third parties without first obtaining the consent of the owner of the personal information.
  • We will make a speedy and appropriate response to proceedings such as claims for disclosure of information based on established laws and regulations.
  • Along with making this policy thoroughly known to company officers and employees we will strive to continuously improve our handling of personal information within our company.

Handling of Personal Information

  • Information obtained from information forms on our company website will be used only for giving replies to inquiries made by customers or for responding to applications from customers or others.
  • Information obtained from customers will be appropriately managed based on our company’s personal information protection policy.