Metal Stencil Cleaner SC-AH100E-LV

  • Less damage to metal stencil.
  • Huge Running Cost Reduction!
  • Low VOC Solvent!


Reduction fo VOC emission

Using Low VOC solvent can reduce organic solvent consumption that harms human health and environment.

Running cost 55% reduction

Low volatility of solvent can contribute to low running cost.


Simultaneous process of cleaning and drying can realize a high-speed cleaning.


Procuct No. SC-AH100E
Outside dimension W:880×D:1,100×H:1,666 ㎜
(Including projecting parts.)
Weight 230kg(Dry weight)
Applicable stencil siza 550×600㎜※1、550×650㎜※1、
Power AC110,120,220,240V 50/60Hz 500VA
Ultrasonic 40kHz 300W
Air 0.4MPa 650NL/min
Exhaust duct 5.5m/sec
Diameter φ98㎜
Cleaning agent HA-2789U
Cleaning/Drying time Approx.5min/Cycle※ 2
※1 Adapter required
※2 Time may differ depending on condition
FCC compliant models is available. Please ask for details.