【ETC】Double Eco NJ08 series


・Ultra low power consumption (50% reduced comparing with our previous model)
・Large-capacity, High efficient flux collection
・Heat-insulation designed for consideration of working environment



Model No. NJ08S-82 NJ08M-82 NJ08M-102
Heating Zone 8 10
Cooling Zone 2
Power AC200V 3Φ AC200V 3Φ AC200V 3Φ
Start up Power Max. 21.0kW Max.  23.0kW Max. 27.0kW
Normal Power Appriox. 6kW Appriox. 6.5kW Appriox. 7.2kW
N2 Consumption Approx. 15 ~ 18m3/h
Dimension Length 4,310mm 5,134mm 5,704mm
Width 1,290mm 1,360mm
Height 1,395mm
PCB Width 50 ~ 330mm 50 ~ 400mm
Length 70 ~ 400mm 70 ~ 500mm
Component Height Upper:27mm  Lower:27mm
Flux Collection Standard Equipment