N2-spec Soldering System available for Lead-free Solder

Newly-developed N2 tunnel structure and clean soldering circumstance


  • Open tunnel structure without air block curtain, available for Max 100-mm-high components.
  • Mist collection and PCB cooling system embedded in the N2 tunnel.
  • Inlet & outlet pressure control systems to maintain low O2 level inside the tunnel
  • Low O2 level preheat zone with far-infrared heater and hot-air circulation system.
  • Wave soldering system designed to reduce solder dross & solder ball generation.
  • Dipping-zone PCB warp prevention unit operable externally without need to open the tunnel .(Option)
  • Externally-operable peel-back point adjustment unit at dipping zone.(Option)
  • PCB model changeover and traceability via 2D code, etc. (Option)