【ETC】High-performance N2 Reflow Equipment RN152series


・Amazing flux recovery performance
・Dramatically reduce flux adhesion droop problem
・Improvement of temperature uniformity by new nozzle
・All zone uniform oxygen concentration control
・Easy adjustment of height of labyrinth
・Environment friendly and low power consumption
・Shorter setting time change time (high temperature → low temperature)


Approx. N2 ConsumptionModel No. RN152M-82 RN152M-102 RN152L-82 RN152L-102 RN152LL-82 RN152LL-102
Heating Zone 8 10 8 10 8 10
Cooling Zone 2
Power AC200V 3Φ
Start up Power Max31.4kw Max3.9kw Max3.9kw Max3.9kw Max3.9kw Max3.9kw
Normal Power Approx. 10.7kw Approx. 11.5kw Approx. 11.3kw Approx. 13.7kw Approx. 13.1kw Approx. 15.9kw
N2 Consumption Approx. 15~18㎥/h Approx. 18㎥/h Approx. 24㎥/h
Dimension Length 5,874mm 6,901mm 5,874mm 6,901mm 6,062mm 7,141mm
Width 1,424mm 1,574mm/h 1,674mm/h
Height 1,495mm 1,595mm/h
PCB Width 50~250mm 50~400mm 50~500mm
Length 70~330mm 70~500mm 70~600mm
Component Height Adjust height the labyrinth Upper/Lower 5 ~ 27mm(from chain top)
Flux Collection Standard Equipment:Large-capacity flux collection unit by water-cooled.