Non-contact jet dispenser for medium and high viscosity

We greatly improved speed to a maximum of 333 shots per second! This significantly reduces production cycle time.

It can shoot liquids of medium and high viscosity at high speeds.
・Using its original jet mechanism, it can dispense material on the nano- level.
The durability is 4 times that of conventional models.
・We achieved stable dispensing reproducibility.
・It is equipped with a temperature control mechanism as standard equipment.
・CE marking, EURoHS conformity version is line-up, too.


Model (Head) MJET-A-HU*-R/L
Model (Controller) MJET-3-CTR
Dispensing method Jet
Connection syringe We support various sizes (5-70 ml)
Application liquid materials Underfill fluid, Ag paste, moisture-insulation, UV resin, etc.
Applicable liquid viscosity 50 – 300,000mPa, s
Used nozzle (1L, 3L, 5L) 15 – 32G
Built-in (SHN) 28 – 36G
Supply pressure 0.8 MPa or less
Power supply, Power consumption AC100 – 240V 50/60Hz, 62W

*This is selected by the amount of discharge.