Improvement Cycle for High-quality Product Manufacturing

The efficient improvement cycle ensuring the output of high-quality products promotes the “minimization of quality costs”.
This can further intensify the environment for quality improvement initiatives.

Process Control

Quality Management System Q-up Navi

Quality control during the PCB production process and efforts in process improvement with the post-reflow quality as the starting point are possible


Technologies Supporting 3D-SJI [Patent Pending]

[Omron’s Unique Technology]Color Highlight ™ 3D Shape Reconstruction

Uses an optimal principle enabling a stable inspection of the reflection surface such as a solder joint.


Hardware configuration

Outer dimensions 1100(W)×1470(D)×1500(H)mm
Weight Approx. 800kg
Power supply 200 to 240 VAC (single phase), voltage fluctuation range ±10%
Line height 900±20mm
Air supply pressure 0.3~0.6MPa



Supported PCB size 50(W)×50(D)~510(W)×460(D)mm
Thickness 0.4~4mm
Clearance Above PCB: 40mm; Below PCB: 40mm
Height measurement range 25mm