P-Tool cooperative option, component mounting CAM system

The following tools support to improve the subjects of the productivity,
component mounting quality, and data operation management.

  • To create highly precise board data by utilizing Gerber data
    Gerber image tool
  • To create highly precise board data by utilizing bare board images
    Scanner accuracy correction kit
  • To edit the board data simply and securely using mouse operation
    Auto teaching & Polarity inspection
  • To separately perform the operation management of the board data for multiple delivery destinations or the component libraries
    PLUS kit
  • To print the board data information on the feeder set list or component layout, and output the reports in the CSV format
    PLUS kit
  • To create highly precise board data by utilizing ODB++, GenCAD, and FABmaster
    Standard CAM Converter
  • To create a mounting program with tens to several hundreds of variations using one board
    Mount Variation Importer


Gerber image tool

  • Board images are synthesized from the board Gerber and metal mask Gerber data.
  • The panel Gerber and mark Gerber generation function and the imposition of individual board can also be used.
  • Silk and land overlapped images can also be processed using the auto teaching.
  • Automatic measurement of board size
  • Automatic generation of board origin
  • Images can be generated freely with an accuracy of 300 to 3600 DPI (85 to 7 µm).
  • The Gerber data is applicable to the RS274/D and RS274/X.


Scanner accuracy correction kit

  • The actual board and highly precise glass gauge are scanned with an A3-size generally available scanner to create board images for which the image correction has been performed.
  • An A3-size generally available scanner applicable to TWAIN is needed.
  • Automatic measurement of board size
  • Automatic generation of board origin
  • Automatic correction of board rotation



Auto teaching & Polarity inspection

  • “Auto teaching”, “Automatic polarity inspection with silk recognition”, “Digitizing function”, and “Component 2D image drag & drop and angle rotation edit” functions are provided.
  • The auto teaching uses generated board images to automatically correct portions where the component center or angle definition is different between the CAD and mounter, and then display the list of errors.
  • Auto teaching (mounting angle and 1st pin polarity mark) is added.
  • The auto teaching excluding silks can be performed for land and silk overlapped images to ensure more highly accurate teaching.
  • In the coordinates or various offset coordinates edit operation, perfect board data can be generated by operating board images with the mouse instead of complicated numerical entry.
  • The innovative tool that can quickly create mountable board data for component addition using the digitizing function and auto teaching function even when no CAD data is available.

* The Gerber image tool or generally available Scanner accuracy correction kit, and Standard CAM Converter tool are needed.


PLUS kit

  • This kit adds various functions together such as “Offline data list”, “Data management by group”, “List of components with polarity mark”, “DXF mounting drawing”, “Various failures analysis tool”, and “Multi-monitor support”.
  • Report functions such as “Free format feeder mounting list” or “DXF mounting drawing”, and “Failure analysis function” necessary for the production task and “Design verification function without using the X-ray” necessary for the trial manufacturing are added.
  • “REF display” function can perform the REF display of the board image without silk.

Standard CAM Converter

  • Clicking ODB++, GenCAD, or FABmaster that is output from the board design CAD converts the board images of both sides and the mount data.
  • The CAD component coordinates with different component center definitions are automatically converted into the mounter mounting coordinates.
  • Panel/fiducial marks can also be generated.
  • Panel images are created and the imposition of the multi-block board can be performed freely.
  • The mounting drawing can also be output.
  • The BOM file included in ODB++ can be output.