Evaporative Humidifier

Evaporative Humidifier is suitable for humidifying in industrial site, such as electronic component plant, printing plant, paint factory or plastic molding plant, etc.


High humidifying performance

HSE551 has three step output.
It’s humidifying capacity is 6 liter per hour with “High” output setting.
Preferred output can be chosen from three steps in accordance with room size.

Variable wind direction

Auto-louver enables humidified air to blow in the range of 80 degrees to right or lef

Easy instration, easy maintenance

  • HSE551 requires only power and water outlet. No need large-scale installation.
    This equips wheels and It’s easy to move or relocate the unit when not in use.
    In addition, HSE551 equips self-cleaning system.
    Just press the maintenance button once a month for cleaning inside of the unit.