• Maximum components
    Size : 100 x 100mm
    heights : 45mm
  • Capable heavy components up to 1kg Supports press fitting of components
  • Compact machine width of 880 mm allows for more efficient use of factory floor space
  • Utilizes the ATS15 automatic tray supply unit capable of handling up to 15 trays
  • Compatible with the “SS Feeder” and “ZS Feeder”


Applicable PCB L50 x W50mm to L330 x W360mm *1
When using Yamaha’s
standard components
Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ):+/-0.05mm /QFP
Repeatability(3σ) +/-0.03mm /QFP
Indication 2.5sec/component (Cycle time from a pickup to mounting with recognition)
Applicable components 4 x 4mm to 100 x 100mm *2
(Some components larger than 45 x 45mm ane conditional)
Maximum components heights 45mm
Maximum payload 1kg
Component supply configuration:
Number of component types
Tape reel : MAX. 28 types (8mm width)
Tray : MAX. 15 trays
Power supply 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Air supply source 0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry states
External dimension
(excluding projections)
L 880 x W1,440 x H1,445mm (Main unit only)
L 880 x W1,755 x H1,500mm (When ATS15 is installed)
Weight Approx. 1,000kg (Main unit only)
ATS15 : Approx. 120kg


*1 Please consult us separately for maximum board sizes.

*2 Consult us separately regarding component sizes outside the specifications.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.