• Capable of mixed Mounting of SMD components and semi-conductor components
  • Capable of handling multiple types of components
  • Usable for dipping ・ stamping by the dipping unit
  • Applicable for dispensing
  • Applicable for a wide area up to L300mmxW200m


PCB dimensions L300xW200mm(max) to L30xW30mm(min)
Mounting accuracy
When using Yamaha’s standard components
F type Absolute accuracy(µ+3σ):+/-20µm
4M type Absolute accuracy(µ+3σ):+/-30µm
Mounting/dispensing cycle time
(Under optimum conditions)
*Process time not included
4M type 0.5sec/CHIP (When continuous pickup at work)
FF type 0.8sec/CHIP(Tape reel and tray supply case)
1.3 sec/CHIP(Wafer supply case)
FD type As the measures vary depending on the operation,please consult separately.
External dimensions L1,350xW1,408xH1,850mm


* About details, please consult us separately.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.